Minnesota Criminal Lawyer, Thomas C Gallagher

30 Years Experience Defending Your Liberty as a Criminal Lawyer in Minneapolis

Don’t let criminal charges ruin your future. If you are facing state or federal court criminal charges in Minnesota, turn to a true believer — the Minneapolis defense lawyer who believes in defending your liberty. Twin Cities defense attorney Thomas C Gallagher will make sure that you understand your rights, help you set a goal for the outcome of your case, map how to get there.  He will fight to protect you and your future.

Do You Need a Minnesota Criminal Lawyer?

Minneapolis Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher is dedicated to defending individual human rights against the government.  Relentless, he devotes his heart and soul to protecting you from criminal law problems.  Getting Gallagher involved early can help protect your rights and lead to a better outcome.  The best defense is an early and strong defense.

Thomas Gallagher, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Thomas Gallagher, Defense Lawyer

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Federal Court, Minnesota State Criminal Charges

With over 30 years of legal experience as a MN defense lawyer, Tom Gallagher not only has a practice devoted to criminal defense cases in Minnesota, but has unique skills and experience among Minneapolis lawyers.  Gallagher can put this to work for you.  He can represent you in any state or federal court Minnesota criminal defense case.  If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, contact Gallagher before you talk to anyone else.  Give him a call at (612) 333-1500 to discuss a free consultation by phone or at his Minneapolis Twin Cities law office about your Minnesota criminal defense case (subject to availability).

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer’s Practice Areas:

    • Crimes against a person: including assaultmurder charges, homicide cases, manslaughter, criminal vehicular homicide. 
    • Sex Crimes: including rape, statutory rape, criminal sexual conduct, internet sex (solicitation of a minor), sexting, indecent exposure, prostitution, child abuse and child pornography, other sex crime felony charges.
    • Drug Crimes: including possession, growing, conspiracy, trafficking, manufacturing and sale of illegal drugs felonies (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, etc.)
    • Domestic crimes: including domestic violence, domestic assault, violation of an Order for Protection, DANCO.
    • White collar crimes: including federal conspiracy, bribery, fraud and political crimes.
    • Crimes against property: including theft, embezzlement, damage to property.
    • Federal Court Criminal Defense: including large financial crimes, conspiracy charges, federal drug charges, federal sex crimes, internet solicitation of minor, child porn cases.

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, Tom Gallagher will devote himself to defending you. He has experience successfully defending clients in every type of criminal case.

Avoiding or Reducing Harms Caused by Criminal Charges.
Coming to the realization that you or a loved one may be facing a police investigation or charged with a crime can be a traumatic one. It is important avoid allowing panic or emotional reaction prevent you from taking action now. This is true for everyone, but even more so for people who are truly “innocent-in-fact,” who are additionally traumatized by their previous belief that the innocent were safe – somehow – from prosecution. (History is filled with examples of truly innocent people punished for crimes they did not commit. Defense lawyers are Human Rights lawyers.)

Finding the right criminal lawyer, getting expert legal help immediately, can prevent the situation from getting worse. Yes, believe it or not — no matter how bad it is now, it could get worse.  Gallagher can help prevent that, and begin repairing the situation.

Mapping the Path to Success.  Focus on Outcome.

Most people feel better within an hour of meeting with Thomas Gallagher at his downtown Minneapolis law office in the heart of the Twin Cities.  He can help you understand Minnesota law and defenses, the situation you are in, and the range of possible outcomes for your case.  He can recommend outcome goals, best and worst case scenarios, and begin to analyze legal strengths and weaknesses in your case.  By tapping into his decades of experience as one of the hardest working Minneapolis lawyers since 1988, he can help map a path to success, to achieve the outcome goal you set.

Now is the time to begin.  Delay can permanently damage your legal rights.

Give Tom Gallagher a call now, before it is too late:  612 333-1500