Minneapolis Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Minnesota Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher
Minnesota Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher

If you are facing drugs charges in the Twin Cities, Minnesota drug crime defense attorney Thomas Gallagher wants to help protect your rights.

He will work hard to ensure that when the police investigate or charge you, they respect your rights.

These legal rights include appropriate search and seizure, arrest and interrogation methods or police  methods of gathering evidence.  And Gallagher can stop prosecutors from using illegal evidence against you at trial.

Some targets of police investigations retain Gallagher as pre-charge counsel, to help reduce the risk of a charge; or of a conviction if charged.

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Common Drug Charges in Minnesota State and Federal Court

Minneapolis Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher has over 30 years of experience representing clients facing charges of:

Drug crime defense: car search
Drug crime defense: car search

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Your Lawyer Should Have Experience

Drug crimes may be federal court or state charges.  Gallagher has extensive experience representing clients in both courts.  He represented a client charged in the largest federal drug conspiracy case in Minnesota history.  The federal prosecutors alleged 50 metric tons of cocaine (about $4 Billion).

As a Minneapolis defense attorney drugs cases have been a large part of his practice – for decades.

As a marijuana lawyer, Gallagher has represented many people accused of growing marijuana (cannabis) indoors.  He has helped some avoid being charged in the first place, and has helped others avoid a criminal record of conviction, where there were no priors similar convictions.

If the investigating officers found guns when they searched and found illegal drugs, you could face additional years in prison. (On a related note, most drug crime convictions can destroy or impair your civil rights to firearms.)

Drug crime defense: Thermal imaging of house
Drug crime defense: Thermal imaging of house

If you are a non-citizen (even a Permanent Resident) you could suffer serious, negative immigration law consequences as a result of your criminal drug case.

Many, unfair “mandatory minimum” sentencing laws prevent judges from sentencing drug cases fairly.  They force extreme sentences. This nation has the highest percentage of its people in prison, in the world. Criminal drug prohibition laws are a big reason why.

Tom Gallagher will work with you to both fight charges and protect your liberty.

The Law Firm’s Approach

When you have been charged with a drug crime, Tom Gallagher’s first action is to investigate police search and seizure methods.

If police found drugs in your car, did they have a lawful reason for stopping you? If police found controlled substances in your home, did they obtain the Search Warrant illegally?  Was the search of your home unlawful? If the officers violated your rights in the search and seizure process, the evidence against you might not be admissible.

Born in Minneapolis, political activist and third-generation lawyer Tom Gallagher has lived in the Twin Cities all of his life.

He knows the Minnesota court systems and the people involved. His familiarity with the local courts gives him and edge in knowing what strategies and negotiating tactics are most successful.

Gallagher will help you identify outcome goals for your case.  He will help  develop strategies to achieve those goals. Then, Gallagher will work hard and patiently until success comes, or the fight continues. He loves the courtroom and will fight tirelessly to defend your rights.

The Next Step

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Minnesota Drug Defense Lawyer Thomas Gallagher’s law office is conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis.  The Gallagher Criminal Defense office is next to the United States federal Courthouse, one-half block from the Minneapolis jail, and one-block from the Hennepin County Courthouse.