Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in the Federal District Court of Minnesota

Federal court is a daunting place to be for people accused of crimes.  The power of the federal government is awesome, and its laws are harsh and cruel.  An experienced defense attorney is essential to protecting your Liberty and to help obtain some measure of Justice.

Federal criminal lawyers practice in a court where the jury trial “right” under the U.S. Constitution no longer truly exists as a right, freely available.  In practice, federal criminal attorneys must advise the People they represent that under the federal Sentencing Guidelines, a “trial tax” has been made explicit and institutionalized as part of the federal criminal law.  A person defending against federal charges daring to use “their right” to trial, is assigned a more severe prison sentence under the Sentencing Guidelines if they don’t win the trial.

This makes having a criminal defense lawyer experienced in federal court so important.  Even though the law gives many advantages to the government, we may have no choice but to fight for liberty and justice.

And we can win, even against the federal government.

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Thomas Gallagher, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Federal attorneys must be skilled with not only the United States Sentencing Guidelines; but also with numerous “mandatory minimum” sentencing statutes which ignore the common law principle that “the punishment should fit the crime.”

Federal court lawyers identify key facts to help their People avoid “mandatory minimums” and minimize the dangers in the federal sentencing guidelines.  Compared to state cases, prison sentences in federal court tend to be severe, cruel, and unusual.

This makes it important to work hard and creatively to defend the People Gallagher represents from the government’s cruel power.  Federal criminal defense is serious business – with serious consequences in the balance – not only for the accused but the family and dependents of the accused.  Educating the accused person, and their supporters helps.  It is essential they understand the federal court process and what is at stake.

Traditionally, criminal law was within the jurisdictions of the States – and State Courts.  In recent decades – in a trend we call “the nationalization of criminal law” – the federal government has continuously expanded its power, including the exercise of its ultimate domestic power – criminal prosecution and the taking of life and liberty under color of law.  Yet in terms of numbers, the vast majority of “crimes” prosecuted remain in State Court.

Minneapolis Federal Court (left) and Gallagher's Office Building (Right)
Minneapolis Federal Court (left) and Gallagher’s Office Building (Right)

If cases prosecuted in Minnesota district federal court are compared to those prosecuted in state court:

1.  Federal court criminal cases tend to be more serious felony crimes, if not in the prohibited conduct; then, in terms of consequences.

2.  Some federal cases are of the less serious variety, due to jurisdictional issues – such as Native-American Nation Indian Reservations or federal lands.

In addition, certain types of criminal charges are more likely to be filed in federal court:

“White Collar crimes,” such as alleged violations of vague federal statutes and administrative rules, and larger embezzlement, fraud, and theft cases.

• Certain drug crimes, especially larger, alleged drug crime conspiracy cases, drug trafficking, drug importation and distribution; as well as drug diversion by medical personnel, medical fraud.  Among federal drug charges, smaller drug cases are rare in federal court, though many People with minor roles in alleged conspiracies get dragged into federal court, as well as small drug possession cases from federal jurisdictions.

• Certain sex crimes, especially larger child porn charges, computer sex crimes, and internet sex-with-minor charges.

• Bank robbery.

Federal Criminal Lawyer Thomas Gallagher, of GALLAGHER CRIMINAL DEFENSE, has represented People accused of federal court charges since 1989.  Federal criminal attorneys can make a difference, and provide needed help to People targeted by the government.

Gallagher strives to work hard, and to be the best criminal attorney.  An experienced criminal defense attorney, he has worked on many high-profile federal criminal cases.

If you are a target of a federal criminal investigation, or have been charged with a federal crime, give Thomas Gallagher a call to discuss your case.   Or you can make an appointment for a case evaluation at his law office next to the federal court-house in downtown MPLS.

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