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Thomas Gallagher has over 30 years experience as a Minnesota DWI Defense Lawyer.  During that time Gallagher won a large percentage of DWI cases by using persistence and creativity.

Could you benefit from his winning experience in your DWI case?

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martini alcoholTypes of DWI cases handled by Gallagher Criminal Defense in Minneapolis:
  • Criminal Vehicular Homicide (CVH)
  • Criminal Vehicular Operation (CVO)
  • Felony DWI
  • First Degree, Second, Third, Fourth Degree DWI charges
  • First Time DWI Arrests
  • Implied Consent License Revocations
  • Plate Impoundment Challenges
  • Car Forfeiture Recovery Actions
  • DUI Marijuana
  • DWI Prescription Drugs

Important Issues in Minnesota DWI Law:

  • Mandatory Prison Sentences for Felony DWI
  • Consecutive Sentences
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentence – non-felony DWI
  • Administrative License Revocation Challenges
  • Implied Consent Law Cases
  • License Plate Impoundment
  • Car Forfeiture for DWI with priors

“When Should I Retain a DWI Lawyer?”

Thomas Gallagher, Minnesota DWI Attorney
Thomas Gallagher, Minnesota DWI Attorney

Most people arrested for DWI are aware of the court date in the criminal case.  But most are not aware that the driver’s license revocation must be challenged within 60 days by serving and filing a Petition for Judicial Review.

And any DWI Plate Impoundment must be challenged within 60 days also.

Most DWI Vehicle Forfeitures are administrative and must be challenged within 60 days.

Most importantly, Minnesota courts have ruled that these deadlines are jurisdictional. No exceptions.

As a result, a person arrested for DWI should seek a good DWI lawyer immediately. (And definitely do not wait until the court date in the DWI criminal case nears.)


What does winning look like?  Winning it all is the best outcome.

For first-timers, avoiding an alcohol-related incident on the driver’s license record counts as a win. This will save ten of thousands of dollars over the following few years.

For a person with priors, the priority often become avoiding lengthy prison or jail time.  And avoiding Whisky plates, loss of drivers license are big concerns.  Minneapolis DUI Attorney Thomas Gallagher has helped clients avoid these.  Gallagher will help you identify the best defense available, then work hard to win your case.

You can win.  But you’ll need a good DWI Defense Lawyer to help make that happen.

Are you facing a DWI criminal charge or license revocation?  If you have a question, or would like a free half-hour consultation, call Attorney Thomas C Gallagher at 612-333-1500.