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Consequences of Conviction – Avoid Prison and Worse

Minnesota best criminal lawyer Thomas Gallagher
Tom Gallagher, Minneapolis Sex Crime Lawyer

If convicted, your reputation and your future could be in danger. Convicted sex offenders must register, and provide a DNA sample to the government.  In addition, your right to own and use a firearm would be lost.

Many felony sex crime convictions trigger presumptive prison sentences.  And even earning a living and finding a place to live can become difficult. Deportation, and other severe immigration law consequences follow for non-citizens after a guilty plea or conviction.

We will fight to avoid conviction and to keep any lesser charges from your record.  We will begin from the moment of your first phone call, to gather and map all the facts of the case, research and develop the law that can unlock the truth and assist the court in finding the path to justice.

Don’t let this type of accusation destroy your reputation and ruin your future.  We can defend you against charges of criminal sexual conduct, statutory rape (with consent, underage), child pornography – every type of sex crime defense.

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Minneapolis Sex Crime Lawyer Tom Gallagher Can Help

With over 30 years of experience defending sex crimes cases in Minnesota, Attorney Tom Gallagher will do everything he can to protect your liberty.  For example, the State may use DNA evidence or computer forensics to link you to a claimed sex crime.  This kind of evidence, however, is often unreliable.  Tom Gallagher has experience defending clients against misuse of these forensic techniques.

It may be possible to keep less serious sex crime cases, with weak evidence, off the record or prevent serious immigration consequences. So contact Attorney Tom Gallagher to find out how he can defend you.

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